Fine chemicals Production

HHGJ has an ultra-clean workshop of 10,000 ㎡, 20 large production workshop and more than 300 sets of 50-6300L reaction stills. The temperature varies from -110℃  to 220℃. The pressure is between normal pressure and 10Mpa, the workshops equipped with liquid nitrogen storage tanks of 20 m³ and 50 m³, which meet the low temperature -110℃ process requirements.

We are good at Friedel-crafts reaction, bromination reaction, chlorination reaction, Grignard reaction, coupled reaction, Chiral asymmetric synthesis(asymmetric reduction and alkylation reaction included), Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, reduction reaction, reduction reaction etc. Low temperature lithium generation reaction, halogenating reaction(chloro, bromo, iodo), nitration reaction, diazo-reaction, Friedel-crafts reaction(alkylate, acylation), High pressure hydrogenation, Clemmensen reduction, Huang Minglong reduction reaction, Wittig reaction, Grignard coupling reaction, suzuki coupling reaction, Ullmann coupling reaction, Tempo oxidizing reaction, Williamson etherification.


API Production

HHGJ has a production base in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, it also has a production system that complies with international standards, FDA certification, and conforms to API Production Quality Specification and the new edition  Production Quality Management Standards.

The production base has 2000 ㎡multi-functional production area, 2000 ㎡storage area, 1000 ㎡ clean area, more than 60 sets of reaction equipment and more than 50 m³ production reaction volume. The annual production capacity of advanced intermediates is 50 tons. Every reaction still is equipped with independent reflux, exhaust, nitrogen system and vacuum line. The reaction still can be combined flexibly according to different production requirements.


Preparations Production

The total investment of the project is approximately 22 million US dollars. Fernando Priante, the designer of Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals, is hired to design a high-speed injection production line, and three vice presidents responsible for factory affairs, production and quality are hired from Europe.

We provide OEM services for Thermo Fisher Scientific and carry out the production projects of anticancer drugs and Argatroban injections.

The plant is expected to complete construction in 2021 and pass FDA audit and EU certification in 2022. After operation, the output value of the first year is 20 million US dollars, the second year is 50 million US dollars, and the third year is 100 million US dollars, with a profit margin of 30%.

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