Qingdao Haohai Guangjie Testing and Technical Consulting Co., Ltd Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement With the University of

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On Aug 27th 2020, Qingdao Haohai Guangjie Testing and Technical Consulting Co., Ltd has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the University of Bologna and Professor Walter Cabri. HMGJ’s investors Honghai Song(chairman of G.Y. Group Co.Ltd Holding Company), Ke Li (chairman of Rouhigh Group) and the GM of Qingdao Haohai Guangjie Testing and Technical Consulting Co., Ltd Huaming Peng attended the meeting.


Qingdao Haohai Guangjie Testing and Technical Consulting Co., Ltd and the University of Bologna will build industry-university-research base together, and carry out in-depth cooperation on this basis. Qingdao Haohai Guangjie Testing and Technical Consulting Co., Ltd will introduce the University’s international cutting-edge drug development and quality control technologies. HMGJ has signed cooperation agreement with Professor Walter Cabri, for carrying out comprehensive cooperation on the supply and marketing of pharmaceutical industrial products.

University of Bologna is widely recognized as the first university

in the world, and has a complete university system. Together with the University of Paris in France, the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and the University of Salamanca in Spain, it is also known as the top four universities in Europe. It is known as “Alma Mater Studiorum”. University of Bologna was founded in 1088 by Ignerio and has a history of more than 900 years. At the beginning of its establishment, it was famous for the two specialties of law and medicine.

Walter Cabri is the Senior Vice President of Fresenius and a professor at the University of Bologna. He has published more than 200 papers, patents and books. Professor Cabri has been engaged in pharmaceutical R&D management for more than 30 years, and has worked in large companies such as Pfizer, Squibb, Fresenius and medium-sized companies such as Sigma, Antibioticos etc. His research interests include process development (chemistry, analytical fermentation and formulation development) and drug development (with a focus on oncology, central nervous system and rare diseases).

As an integral part of Qingdao Academician Port, HMGJ’s laboratory will promote the integration of talents, science and technology, industry, capital and other elements in Licang District, for forming a benign ecological cycle and improving the quality standards of pharmaceutical enterprises in Shandong Province. It can also accelerate the industrial transformation speed of academician teams and major scientific research institutions, link domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry standards, build a bridge to the core supply chain of large pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the United States and unleash the momentum for innovation continuously.

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