The cGMP system construction project of Haohai Guangjie laboratory was launched

Auther: Release time : 2021-02-21 Type: Company news

On Sep. 24, 2020, the launch meeting of cGMP system construction project of the laboratory was held in Qingdao Haohai Guangjie Testing and Technical Consulting Co., Ltd. The General Manager Huaming Peng, Deputy General Manager Peng Zong, Sales Director Wanglin Chen, Technical Director Changpeng Zhou, Shanghai Jicheng General Manager Ruichang Luo, Tianjin Weijie R&D Director Zhidong Yang and Production Director Xinfu Guo attended the meeting. 

It was decided at the meeting that the construction project would be steered by Shanghai Jicheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. And Ruichang Luo, General Manager of Jicheng Pharmaceutical, and Changpeng Zhou, Technical Director of HHGJ would take charge of the project and make overall arrangements for project personnel, time nodes and related matters.

Ruichang Luo led the establishment of the project team and served as the team leader. Changpeng Zhou was the main linkman of the laboratory project, Qiuge Zhang, Dashuan Li and Wenfeng Zheng worked as team members. Huaming Peng, Peng Zong, Wanglin Chen, Zhidong Yang and Xinfu Guo provided suggestions and support as project team members. The main tasks and responsibilities of the system construction project includes the existing system review, gap analysis, system document drafting supplement, 21CFR Part211 training, quality management system training, system operation follow-up and simulation audit, etc.

After launching, the project team would formulate a detailed project schedule, including the overall schedule, monthly work schedule and the schedule of each system module, to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

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